Resilience is all about capacity to withstand the impact of shocks & stresses

In recent years the world has witnessed interminable succession of disasters: floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wild fires and epidemics that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, caused material losses in the billions of dollars and inflicted a terrible toll on the developing countries particularly the poor communities who live in unsafe conditions. Resources that were meant for development and poverty reduction are in most cases diverted towards disaster response.

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To build communities that have capacity to withstand the impact of disaster shocks.


To offer high quality capacity building initiatives for communities, organisations and professionals.

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Our Services

We have structured our services to meet disaster management dynamics and include training courses and programs to build capacity.

Implementation of community projects aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and increasing capacity to withstand the impact of hazards.

Short Courses

Are specially designed for managers, officers or staff responsible for organisational policy, project planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation of development or disaster management programmes.


We also offer consultancy services for Local Authorities, Government Departments, Non Governmental Organisations responsible for development and disaster management.

Resilience is all about capacity to withstand

the impact of shocks & stresses…

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