Resilience is all about the capacity to withstand the impact of shocks & stresses…

Ellen Jaka

CEO, Founder BRC Trust

Background of BRC Trust

In recent years the world has witnessed interminable succession of disasters: floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wild fires and epidemics that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, caused material losses in the billions of dollars and inflicted a terrible toll on the developing countries particularly the poor communities who live in unsafe conditions. Resources that were meant for development and poverty reduction are in most cases diverted towards disaster response.

BRC Trust which is registered in Zimbabwe, was born out of a vision to reduce vulnerabilities and building the capacity of communities to withstand disaster shocks or hazards. Poverty, lack of knowledge and lack of structures have over the years increased the vulnerabilities of communities while some of the activities of man have also helped to increase the incidence and severity of hazards, a scenario leading to increased risk. The Trust works to reduce poverty, bring awareness about hazards and disaster risks and facilitate the mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction into development programming and setting up of community structures for disaster management thereby building resilience to disaster shocks.


To build communities that have capacity to withstand the impact of disaster shocks.


To offer high quality capacity building initiatives for communities, organisations and professionals.

  • Life with dignity
  • Impartiality
  • Accountability


Implementation of community projects aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and increasing capacity to withstand the impact of hazards.

Short Courses

Are specially designed for managers, officers or staff responsible for organisational policy, project planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation of development or disaster management programmes.


We also offer consultancy services for Local Authorities, Government Departments, Non Governmental Organisations responsible for development and disaster management.

Online Training Platform.

We at BRC Trust have innovative solutions for impacting relative stakeholders through our online training plaform.

Prospective trainees can register and take advantage of the courses, materials and resources, all available online.

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Short Courses
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Disaster Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Disaster Impact Assessment
  • Project Cycle  Management
  • Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Cash Transfer Programming in Disaster Response
  • The Sphere Project
  • Humanitarian Accountability Partnerships
  • Community Based Psycho-social Support
  • Leadership
Target Audience

Managers | Officers or Staff responsible for organisational policy, project planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation of development or disaster management programmes.

What we can help you achieve

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Our Power Team

The team that make things happen

Ellen Jaka

Founder, CEO

Ellen Jaka
Founder, CEO

24 years experience
Master’s degree in Disaster Management
Master of Science degree in Rural Development
Bachelor of Science (honours) Rural & Urban Planning
NGO Leadership, Development & Social Change

Emilia Choga

Admin Assistant

Emilia Choga
Admin Assistant

Bachelor of Technology in Management

Alice Ncube

26 years experience
Current studies- PhD in Disaster Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies
Masters in Disaster Management
Diploma in Personnel Management
Bachelor of Arts Degree

Morgen Zivhave

18 years experience
PhD in Town & Regional Planning awaiting results
Master in Urban & Regional Development Planning
BSc Honours in Rural & Urban Planning

Pearson Marasha

14 years experience
Master of Development Studies
Post-graduate Diploma in Project Planning & Management
Bachelor of Arts.