Buiding capacity to bolster resilience within communities

Implementation of community projects aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and increasing capacity to withstand the impact of hazards.

The International Federation has made it a priority to ensure that disaster risk reduction is an integral part of its development work and that all its programmes work towards disaster risk reduction in an integrated and mutually supportive way.

Our initiative involve working at all levels with governance bodies, policy makers and management to achieve this, while continuing to promote disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation.


List of projects we accomplished successfully
Projects Done
  1. Mid-term and final evaluation of projects
  2. Capacity building of staff and communities
  3. Preparation of disaster risk management plans for district and wards
  4. Disaster risk management strategic plans
  5. Preparation of community scorecards
Countries we worked in
  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Madagascar
  3. Uganda
  4. Mozambique

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